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Can you name these human and domestic animal anatomy terms?

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Forced Order
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A plane that runs the length of the body and divides it into left and right parts that are not necessarily equal halves.
Back of hindlimb distal to tarsus
Toward the median plane
Toward the surface
A plane that divides the body into dorsal and ventral parts.
A plane across the body that divides it into cranial and caudal parts.
Back of forelimb distal to carpus
Toward the head end of the body
Toward the body (extremity)
Toward the tip of the nose (head only)
Toward the tail end of the body
Away from the body (extremity)
A special kind of sagittal plane that runs down the center of the body lengthwise and divides it into equal left and right halves.
Toward the belly
Front of forelimb and hindlimb distal to carpus and tarsus
Toward the center
Away from the median plane
Toward the back

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