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Forced Order
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Which party was feared to gain a majority if only wealthy and educated women got the vote?
Medical Inspection for children happened how many times a year?
In which year did Lloyd-George take over from Asquith as Prime Minister?Hint : 7th December
Which group of women used violent methods to get the vote?By using demonstrations, smashed windows, arson, etc.
In 8th August 1914, which act introduced gave government more power in people's lives?
The reform act of 1867 and 1884 gave the vote to which class of people?
When imprisoned what did suffragettes claim happened when they tried to go on hunger strike?
In which year did the suffragettes demand the 'right to serve'?For example becoming bus drivers, police and railway staff, etc.
Which politician introduced unemployment insurance in 1911?Hint: Car Ads!
What percentage of British ships were destroyed by German U-boats in 1917?
New Zealand, Australia and one other country already had women's suffrage before Britain. What is this country?
In which year was the the Children's Charter introduced?
British summer time, watering down of beer (so less people got drunk) and censorship all came under which act?
The vote is also known as a what?
The government paid for these reforms by raising?
On 16th December, where were 119 killed by German warship shelling?
Who lead the suffragists, otherwise known as the NUWSS?
In 1915 which month was the munitions crisis?Munitions crisis - shortage of shells and bullets for the war effort
In which year was the School Meals Act introduced?Local authorities provided free school meals to the poor
Which party was in power between 1906-1911 that introduced welfare reforms?
Under the Poor Laws someone who needed help had to go to a ...?
Who lead the suffragettes?Along with her daughter Christabel
Charles Booth London and one other person helped show that the Poor Laws were inadequate and that poverty was not the fault of the poor, who was the other person?Hint: Taste the rainbow!
Health and Unemployment Insurance came under which act in 1911?
What year was compulsory rationing introduced?Hint : 25th February
Emily Davison threw herself under who's horse in the Derby?8th June 1913
The welfare reforms helped the young, unemployed and who else?
What was the name of the act that gave women the vote in 1918?
When there were not enough places in a workhouse the government handed out...?
In 1909 which budget was introduced but was rejected by the House of Lords?
Which war in 1899 found out 40% of recruits were unfit due to the effects of poverty?
Who was Chancellor of the Exchequer in 1908?
How many Labour Exchanges were there in 1914?A place for the unemployed to find work
The rich objected because they thought the poor would become?
Which group of women used peaceful methods to get the vote?
What year was conscription introduced?
In 1913, which act allowed those on hunger strike to be released and then arrested once they had recovered?
Which monarch opposed women's suffrage?
Some women gained the vote in local elections in Britain in which year?
Universal suffrage for women was introduced in which year?
What halted the campaign for women's suffrage?
Which act gave people, over the age of 70, five shillings a week?
'Conchies' are short for what?These people objected to fighting in the war.
When was the Old Age Pensions Act introduced?
The Poor Laws were reviewed in 1905 by ... Commision?

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