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Can you name the English football teams by the cryptic clue given?

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Perhaps you'd like to spend a mid-week in Yorkshire?
Chinese players masquerading as East Londoners?
In short, can you dig it?
The citizens keep the fires burning by prodding the coals.
Is Mr.Heston good at running?
Did somebody turn the lights off in the swimming baths?
I was surprised to see bricks and mortar surrounding the place they make flour.
Is this a Spanish house made of rock?
A ship's compliment pay tribute to Queen Victoria
The people of the recently built fort are definitely together.
It's difficult to fix a hairpiece in place whilst trying to run.
The many dogs of DJ Tony.
Perhaps a place in France to swim together for vital organs?
A bovine animal and a Fiesta get together in a university town.
Being ahead together.
North London? A good place to store weapons, I hear.
Perhaps a place to swim for vital organs?
These woods aren't in Ingham.
It's always heavy on Merseyside

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