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Can you name the answers to these expert pokemon questions (Gen 1)?

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What is the best possible DV for a given stat?
What is the best possible EV for a given stat?
Which pokemon gives the most experience?
What is the only normal-damaging ghost move?
(In RB) Which move is impossible to learn through normal gameplay?
What is the fastest pokemon?
Which bug move has the highest base strength?
Which 4 moves have a high critical hit ratio (grass, water, normal, normal)?
Which move will remove status effects from the opponent's pokemon?
What is the highest level (recurring) pokemon you can find in the wild?
Which move will lower your critical hit rate?
Besides ice beam and thunderbolt, the thirsty girl gives a TM for what move?
How does the name rater describe a nickname that you can't change?
Which pokemon can learn the highest number of unique moves?
Which 2 moves will raise the user's attack by 1 stage?
What does STAB stand for?
If Snorlax uses selfdestruct on Dragonair, what is the move's effective power?
Which damaging ice move can't freeze the opponent?
Which 4 moves have 100 power and 100 accuracy (ground, ground, normal, normal)?
What item will restore all the PP of all moves of a pokemon?

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