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'The Breakfast Club' was released in this year.
It was the second film by this director.
Who set most of his movies in the town of Shermer, a fictional suburb of...
The film takes place almost entirely in this room of Shermer High School.
The kids are there on Saturday for...
It starred this girl from 'Sixteen Candles'.
As this character/stereotype...
And this guy, who was also in 'Sixteen Candles'.
As this character/stereotype...
And three people from this movie that also came out in the same year:
This girl who was also in 'War Games'.
As this character/stereotype...
And this guy, who would go on to star in 'The Mighty Ducks' franchise.
As this character/stereotype...
And this guy, who at 26 was the oldest member of 'The Breakfast Club'.
As this character/stereotype...
The main antagonist, played by Paul Gleason, was this authority figure.
Finish his threat: 'Don't mess with the bull, young man...'
This song, featured during the credits, was written specifically for the movie.
It was performed by this band, who took it to #1 on the Billboard Hot 100.

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