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Can you name the facts about the University of Michigan Marching Band?

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DescriptionAnswerLetter of the Alphabet
What the band gets to eat during third quarterA
Signature move performed by the drum major at the climax of MFanfareB
Fitting the band between 10 yardsC
Percussion SectionD
How the band enters the fieldE
If the drum major drops this, we lose the gameF
Halftime marching styleG
You can't have one without the otherH
Examination of parade blockI
Flag Instructor for last 17 yearsJ
First female drum majorK
Famous marching style-highL
DescriptionAnswerLetter of the Alphabet
What the drum major is commonly referred to asM
The endzone the band sits inN
Script originally done by MMB and now used by another bandO
A type of party each section hasP
Band Rehearsal Hall and Famous DirectorR
Percussion performance saturday morningS
Famous song that features percussionT
What the band wears on game dayU
Pre-parade preparation for band membersV
'It's Great to Be a Michigan ______ 'W
Alma MaterY

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