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Can you name the 4-letter words in this themed word ladder?

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Clue4-Letter Word#
♪'The First ___ [#8] [#22] [#37] [#46]'♪1
Allen & Burton2
Binds using string3
Ceases to live4
Hall & Oates' 'Private ____'6
December 24th & December 31st7
♪'The First [#1] ___ [#22] [#37] [#46]'♪8
'Turn ___ a new leaf'9
A cooking chamber10
Common Nordic male name11
To look, as a past participle12
Combs or Connery13
To burn the surface14
Fly upward15
Wild pig16
1977-1986 ABC show, 'The Love ___'17
'Get his ___'18
Small fly19
To nibble persistently 20
Ground System Architectures Workshop (abbr.)21
♪'The First [#1] [#8] __ __ [#37] [#46]'♪22
Ray Charles' 'What'd __ __'23
Clue4-Letter Word#
Ke$ha's 'Your Love __ __ Drug'24
Distinctive theories, systems, or practices25
Egyptian god of fertility26
The colored portion of the eye27
Former NFL wide-receiver Carter28
Small bed with enclosed sides29
Cancer is one30
To snatch31
A person who has received a diploma (abbr.)32
A pointed stick for prodding cattle33
'Sit down...Take a ___ off'34
Strongly audible35
'___ Be So Nice To Come Home To'36
♪'The First [#1] [#8] [#22] ___ [#46]'♪37
Number of sections in an orchestra 38
Not fair39
To thwart40
Receive less than a passing grade41
1998 film, 'You've Got ___'42
London street or brand of cigarettes, 'Pall ___'43
A boy or gentleman44
Windu of the Star Wars prequel trilogy45
♪'The First [#1] [#8] [#22] [#37] ___'♪46

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