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QUIZ: Can you name the answers to these questions that pertain to the events that happened in the summer of 1969?

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June 22nd - This 'Wizard of Oz' & 'Meet Me In St. Louis' actress died from drug overdose
June 23rd- This man is sworn in as Chief Justice, replacing Earl Warren
June 28th - The Stonewall riots start in this city
July 3rd - This Rolling Stones member drowns in his swimming pool
July 7th - These two languages are made equal to each other throughout the Canadian government
July 14th - The 'Football War' begins when Honduras loses a match against this country
July 16th - Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, & this man blast off from Kennedy Space Center in Apollo 11
July 19th - This man lands in Hollywood Beach, FL, becoming the first person to row across an ocean solo
July 25th - This 'Suite: Judy Blue Eyes' band first performs
July 31st - This coin ceases to be legal tender in the U.K.
August 4th - This U.S. representative & Xuan Thuy try to make secret peace negotiations, but fail
August 8th - The Beatles have Iain Macmillan take a photo for this album cover
August 9th - The Haunted Mansion opens up in this amusement park
August 10th - This 'family' kills Leno & Rosemary Bianca, wealthy Los Angeles businesspeople
August 15th - This festival begins in upstate New York
August 17th - This hurricane hits the Mississippi coast, killing 248 people
August 21st - Donald & Doris Fisher open up the first of this clothing store in San Francisco
August 23rd - This song about a 'gin-soaked barroom queen' hits #1 in the U.S.
August 31st - This undefeated heavyweight boxer dies in a plane crash near Newton, IA
September 1st - Libyan leader King Idris is ousted from power, making this man the new leader
September 2nd - This former Vietnamese leader dies*
September 7th - This tennis player wins the U.S. Open, completing his 2nd Grand Slam
September 13th - The very first episode of this TV show, 'What A Night For A Knight,' debuts on CBS
September 20th - This song by the Archies becomes the group's first & only #1 single in the U.S.
September 22nd - This baseball player becomes the first since Babe Ruth to hit 600 career home-runs

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