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Can you name the video games based on their anagram & a clue about them (See Game Note)?

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In each of the sentences below are an anagram of a video game and a little information about the video game. You must figure out the video game based on this information.
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Anagram SentenceVideo Game
Even the ROSIEST AD can't describe this Atari game released in 1979
My brother always SLINGS MACARONI at me when I play this social stimulation game developed by Nintendo.
I ECHOED the EIGHTH SONG on ‘Abbey Road’ when playing this 1991 platform game developed by Sega.
My CURIOUS brother would rather play BALL instead of this fighting game, developed by Project Soul.
I’m wondering if this 1986 science-fiction adventure game would be better the way it is, OR TIMED.
It’s a FACT that I yell LOUDLY when playing this first-person shooter developed by Infinity Ward.
This 1985 Nintendo game caused an UPRISE in BARROOMS everywhere.
My ADVISER says to eat PECANS when I play this Atari game, the first to sell 1,000,000 cartridges.
I wasn’t AWARE that FROGS played this third-person shooter, developed by Epic Games.
DO ACROBAT CHINS play this platform game, developed by Universal Interactive Studios?
It was a DARKSOME NIGHT when I played this game, a collaborative effort between Square Enix and Disney.
My FAN blew FAINTLY AS I played this role-playing game, developed by Square Enix.
I FLED from the dungeon like an EAGLE for the DOZENTH time in this 1986 Nintendo game.
FORGET about DATA, but HUNT for this 1997 open world video game developed by Rockstar North
The night after I played this action-adventure game developed by Core Design, I had a DREAM of being in ORBIT.

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