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Can you name the words and phrases that start with 'l', end in 'n', and have an 'm' somewhere in between?

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A guy that has no problem romancing the women (2 words)
The only Great Lake entirely within the U.S. (2 Words)
The expression of sorrow; Mourning
To publicly criticize; Comedy magazine 'National ____'
Yellow citrus fruit
Wings' song where 'Somebody's knockin' on the door' (3 words)
David who once hosted CBS's Late Show
Democratic nominee for VP in 2000, Joe
'Laugh-In' & 'Grace and Frankie' actress (2 words)
One who installs telephone lines, or a position in American football
Legume named for a South American capital (2 words)
A very special or rare version of something (normally a book or video game) (2 words)
The ability to move from one place to another; Little Eva's dance
Chinese dish consisting of thin wheat noodles typically eaten with vegetables and meat (2 words)
2001 game where Mario's brother explores a ghost-infested house (2 words)
Frankie famous for 'Why Do Fools Fall in Love?'

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