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QUIZ: Can you name the meaning of each language equation (explanation in comments)?

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Language EquationAnswerNumber
W on a U= 1
SS for M= 1
H in a W= 2
N in a D= 2
C in the T by CD= 2
F in a Y= 3
P in a HG= 3
B in a W= 4
Q in a G= 4
S in a S= 4
I's in M= 4
D in a ZC= 5
GL= 5
F on a H= 5
M in a CR= 5
P in a PT= 6
S in a H= 6
FU= 6
C in a R= 7
D in SW= 7
H of R= 7
D in H= 8
L on a S= 8
S on a SS= 8
Language EquationAnswerNumber
L of a C= 9
I in a BG= 9
J on the SC= 9
A in the B of R= 10
F in B= 10
Y in a D= 10
P in C= 10
LIB= 10
*P on a F/S Team= 11
I in a F= 12
**D of C=12
a BD= 13
D in a F= 14
M of F= 15
O in a P= 16
**S in a H= 17
H on a GC= 18
GS for the VP= 19
Q= 20
GS for the P= 21
C= 22
P on a GJ= 23
H in a D= 24
P in a Q= 25
LE in the Q= 50

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