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Premise Reality (R) or Not (N) % Correct
Blow Out
A series centering on the construction of a Los Angeles hair salon, & the eventual launch of said hair salon...This is TV, people...
Beg, Borrow & Deal
Two teams of 4 travel across the US, completing sports-themed challenges. However, no money is allowed on the trip, forcing them to barter for shelter & food.
Backyard Blitz
A team of expert horticulturists and landscapers have to improve a garden in a specified time limit. Will they be able to upgrade the garden before time runs out?
Colonial House
17 people are selected to attempt to relive the life of the Plymouth colonists. After half-a-year, their performance is evaluated by historians. Wow.
Tommy Lee Goes to College
Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee attempts to fit into college life at the University of goodness...
Holiday Showdown
Two families with differing opinions for an ideal vacation are sent on one together. One week puts one family in charge, & vice versa.
Football Icon
14 young athletes are given the chance to be signed by the (then) Premiership champions Chelsea...Those who were signed never played a game...WHAT A PRIZE!
Bug Juice
A Disney series about 20 kids on a CRAZY summer camping adventure! See the love triangle unfold between Cammie, Malik, & Gus up next on Disney Channel!
Servant Shack
12 butlers perform butler-y tasks while living in destitute living conditions in an attempt to work for magazine & newspaper magnate Donald Newhouse.
Vegetable Wilderness
Ever wonder what it's like to survive in the wild with nothing but the clothes on your back & salad ingredients? Well, 8 people did, & 1 guy won money!
Premise Reality (R) or Not (N) % Correct
8 scientists go at it on the stand-up scene, with the winner gaining $10,000 for themselves, & $10,000 for their research.
$25,000,000 Hoax
A contestant must convince their family & friends that they won a lottery, whilst becoming a secluded shopaholic in the process...Winners get $400,000!
Railroad Thunder
Shows the daily troubles of Bradley 'Thunder' Tackett & co., who run a lucrative business on the railways of the Pacific Northwest.
Invasion Iowa
William Shatner & a faux film crew pretend to shoot a science fiction film in Riverside, Iowa. Hijinks ensue.
Craig Can!
Craig T. Nelson gives Americans a break, going to work in place of the hard-working citizens...only 4 episodes were released...
Face the Music
8 celebrities, ranging from David Robinson to John Ratzenberger, are given a topic & 2 hours to write a song. After judging, one celebrity is eliminated.
Story Time
After learning a psychological tip from the experts, contestants must decide if 3 stories told are true or false.
Playground Throwdown
10 adults attempt to complete various obstacle courses as quickly as possible, involving kid-sized playground appliances
Honeymoon Hotel
A couple has the chance to go on the honeymoon of their dream. To earn this trip, they must successfully manage a hotel in their vacation spot for 2 weeks.
One Man's Trash
Tracks the life of Duncan Pollard, who makes his fortune via selling littered objects.

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