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Can you correctly answer these questions about famous 2nds, where getting one wrong will end the game? Actually, you know what, I'm forgiving, I'll give you 2 chances.

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For quizmakers who are unaware, you can set the amount of questions one can get incorrect before ending the quiz. So, you don't have to do 1-and-done minefields anymore, but can give your quiztaker a little more of a chance. Like me. 'Cause I'm nice. I'll give you 2 chances. You're welcome (Note: This '2 chance' feature has since been removed, but you can still enjoy this quiz with an infinite amount of chances! Hooray for infinity!).
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What is the 2nd letter of the alphabet?
A) A B) B C) C D) There is no alphabet
What is the 2nd color of the rainbow?
A) Orange B) Green C) Red D) Money
Who was the 2nd President of the United States?
A) Thomas Jefferson B) Alexander Hamilton C) John Adams D) Ralph Nader
That was a little US-centric, amiright?; What is the 2nd largest country in the United Kingdom, by area?
A) Scotland B) Wales C) England D) Krakozhia
What was the 2nd James Bond film released?
A) You Only Live Twice B) Moonraker C) From Russia With Love D) Thunderball
What world city is the 2nd most populous (city proper, not metropolitan areas)
A) London B) Sao Paulo C) Mumbai D) Karachi
Who won the 2nd FIFA World Cup?
A) Argentina B) Brazil C) Czechoslovakia D) Italy
What was the name of Shakespeare's 2nd play?
A) Love's Labour Lost B) The Taming of the Shrew C) Comedy of Errors D) Julius Caesar
Who won the 2nd Grammy Award for Best New Artist?
A) Bobby Darin B) The Lettermen C) The Four Seasons D) Bob Newhart
At 13,858 episodes, what TV show has the 2nd most episodes for any series?
A) Jeopardy! B) Coronation Street C) As the World Turns D) The Tonight Show
Who was the 2nd NBA MVP?
A) Bob Cousy B) Oscar Robertson C) Paul Arizin D) Dolph Schayes
What production won the 2nd Tony Award for Best Musical?
A) South Pacific B) The King and I C) Damn Yankees D) West Side Story

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