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Can you determine if each of the following objects are either dropped annually to celebrate New Year's Day, or if they are not?

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ObjectTrue (T) or False (F)Location
A 600-lb (272 kg.) Moon Pie
A steel mushroom
A wooden flea
An 18-foot (5 1/2 m) tall steel watermelon which releases watermelons when it lands
A Peep made of fiberglass
A doughnut
A doghouse
A dead carp named Lucky
Two 235-lb. (106 1/2 kg.) wooden forks
Bruce Hornsby encased in a box
A 'Back to the Future' movie poster
A ukelele
A pickle
An 11-feet (3 1/3 m) tall C3PO statue
A giant paper mache Bermuda Onion covered in Christmas lights
A glowing pineapple
A bar of soap
A box of Band-Aids
A wrench
A Plexiglas pyramid containing a living opossum
A giant BINGO board
The leg lamp from 'A Christmas Story'
A 2 of Clubs playing card
A 420-lb. (190 1/2 kg.) Easter egg filled with candy
Several hundred ping-pong balls
The Wheel of Fortune
A top hat and bow-tie donning muskrat dubbed Marshall
An Oscar Robertson jersey
250 gumdrops
A 900-lb. (408 kg.) acorn

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