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Can you name the words & phrases that contain the letters 'MUM' or 'MOM' by the clues?

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Swelling of the salivary glands 
1999 film starring Brendan Fraser 
Singers of 'I Will Wait' & 'Winter Winds' 
Lowest amount of legal pay 
India's most populous city 
Say something indistinctly and quietly 
Parade held each January 1st in Philadelphia 
The largest possible amount 
Plant that is Greek for 'gold flower'  
Point at which something is the most favorable 
Daisy-like plants used to make tea 
1982 Asia song 
Device used to measure temperature 
Art museum in Manhattan abbr. 
1981 film about Joan Crawford 
Second largest city in Kenya 
Period of quietness, often to mourn a death 
Product of the mass and velocity of an object 
Object that measures ground motion 
A critical or decisive period of time 

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