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Can you name the words that complete these 7 word ladders?

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Most word ladder quizzes feature one ladder connecting various themed words together. A few have two different ladders with two different word lengths, and even fewer have three different ladders with 3, 4, & 5-letter words. Nearly a decade has past since the creation of Sporcle, and not a single quiz has been created that contains 4 different word ladders of varying word length, no 3, 4, 5, & 6-letter ladders for all to enjoy. I decided to compensate for the lack of such a quiz with 7 different ladders all of varying lengths. Was it easy? No. You know me; I'll be the first to admit that it wasn't. The 7-letter ladder took me 8 months alone to complete, and I'll never forget about the infamous Namco Ladder Incident of 2013...What happened to the cat didn't have to happen, but some people in this world just live to hurt...But enough about my contribution. It's time to talk about yours. If you play this quiz, you will have changed the fabric of time itself. You will not have just participated in the greatest word ladder feat in all of Sporcle, but in all of the world. 7 different ladders of 7 varying word lengths. Just thinking about that makes me want to fall to my knees and thank every star in the sky such a thing exists. But the fact that I created it and you and I get to play it...It's truly more than a miracle that this situation has occurred. It's not just a once-in-a-lifetime experience; It's a once-in-an-eternity experience. Now, don't let me spoil the laddery goodness that awaits. Go ahead. Play them. All 7. All 7 of the greatest word ladders the world has ever known.
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One Letter: Alphabet
★First letter of the English alphabet★ 
★Last letter of the English alphabet★ 
Two Letter: Titles
★Title for a man, abbreviation of 'Mister'★ 
★Title for a woman, alternative of 'Miss' or 'Mrs.'★ 
Three Letter: Namco Game
★Excavate, or the first word of an arcade game★ 
★Excavated, or the last word of an arcade game★ 
Four Letter: Soda
★With [last rung], soft drink invented by John Pemberton★ 
★With [first rung], soft drink invented by John Pemberton★ 
Five Letter: Sleeping Aid
★With [last rung], small glowing bulb for darkness fearers★ 
★With [first rung], small glowing bulb for darkness fearers★ 
Six Letter: Taking A Bath
★First word of a title of a 1958 Bobby Darin song★ 
★Last word of a title of a 1958 Bobby Darin song★ 
Seven Letter: European Countries
★Country whose capital is Dublin★ 
★Country whose capital is Reykjavik★ 

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