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A style of guitar playing in which an object such as a piece of glass or metal is passed across the strings
Dizzy Gillespie instrument
Whats the name of the n***** who wrote this book
Who went from Georgia to PGH to KC to NYC
Thelonious Monk instrument
Bud Powell instrument
Style of blues played on the piano with a strong, fast beat
Mary Lou Williams
20th century jazz clarinetist and band leader, King of Swing
Place in NO, every sunday slaves went to play music freely and enjoy each other, sang danced, cross fertilization
To know blues is to know _____
Charlie Parker Intstrument
Kenny Clarke instrument
during the late 1930’s and early 40’s a group of young musicians got together and tried to revive interest in the New Orleans music of Joe Oliver, Freddie Keppard, Sidney Beche
School of Blues: Electrified instruments/ chicago, KC, Memphis
In Basies orchestra, played the bass (Last name)
Type of jazz in 1940s- complex harmony and rhythms. Associated with Parker, Monk, gillespe
a low continuous humming sound.
Grew out of the song sermon, usually highly syncopated in rhythm, spontaneously conceived
• is a political figure and civil rights activist, She invented the sock cymbal in Pittsburgh
From New Orleans, played Cornet, 'Hot Blues' , jazz halls
Who went from KC to NYC
3 Types of Blues
'Sweet Pea'
Type of Blues: Introduced at minstrel shows, first recorded by females
practicing non-stop until you become virtuosic on your instrument
She was a Scat Singer, came up in swing era, standard tunes and scat
musical statement by singer that is answered by other singers
was an American jazz multi-instrumentalist and bandleader, best known for his groundbreaking work as a double bass player with Walter Page's Blue Devils and the Count Basie Orchest
Brownie, greatest trumpet player, lived in to 20s after car accident
4 black swing bands (Last Names E,B,C,A)
guitarist played left handed, southeastern seaboard(Fl Ga)
Mother of Blues
'hi de ho' man
Who went from georgia to NYC?
Contrafact Songs created when new Melodies are applied to a standard chord progression
In basies orchestra played the guitar (Last name)
Longest Living Piano player, from baltimore, ragtime
Father of the Blues, black, Alabama
12 clouds of joy is associated with which person? , hired mary loud williams (AK)
jazz singer, broke color barrier, romantic ballads, female from Baltimore, came ot ny and worked with best musicians in swing era “all of me”
4 white swing big bands (Last Names G,S, M,D)
person who played • sax and clarinet played abroad in Europe loved by French
Ealy style of blues, Mississippi, alabama, lousiaina: Drone, bottlenecking
1939-1940s-50s--- artists wanted to be recognized as artists and not entertainers, wanted respect
Time period: 1920s, in chicago
was an American blues singer, electric guitarist, songwriter, and record producer
a rhythm that makes use of two or more different rhythms simultaneously
red light district in New Orleans, cross fertilization, first jazz style played here at clubs, Creole’s
Who went from NO to Chicago to NYC?
makeshift instruments of paper and wood; resembled a circus, not considered serious music
Another word for 'trap set'
Who went from Memphis to chicago?
Type of Blues: Acoustic
School of Blues:Shuffle rhythm, boogie-woogie/ texas, lousiiana, arkansas, okla
In basies orchestra played the drums (Last name(
Who went from washington to NYC
1920s to 1930s- New York
father of modern jazz piano, from Chicago, from pittsburgh
Cornetist and bandleader. Mentor to Louis Armstrong. Originally played in Storyville, then Chicago:
Several different Scales with different numbers of pitches: Hexatonic, heptatonic, octatonic
Vocal Form has no tempo, very slow, comes from hymns that were taught to the slaves by the missionaries
started at the turn of the 20th century, people went to chicago and NY, second wave took place around wwii
3 Parts to a Minstel Show
Sacred or secular piece performed in an African American style to announce good news
From New Orleans, played the clarinet , lived in london and paris, took up the sax
School of Blues: Sea shanties, Fl and GA
type of piano music played in NY, ahead of boogie woogie, virtuosic
Queen of Gospel
Types of Blues: Electrified
Last names of the two who created swing formula (H R)
Type of piano Style, non improvised, syncopation, ragged right hand and different stride left hand
'Georgia Tom' piano player who saw the light, played in clubs, accompanied ma rainey and the smith, lost wife, king of gospel
city responsible for development of swing, big bands
city responsible for development of ragtime

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