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QUIZ: Do You Know About The Histology Of Alimentary Canal?

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Plasmamembrane Of Microvilli Bears _____________
Villi Are _________
The Modifications Of Small Intestine ( Such As Microvilli ) Increases ____________
Goblet Cells Secrete ________ ( Add 'The' At The Beginning)
____________ Is The Layer Formed Of Loose Ct Containning Nerves, Bloodvessels And Lymph Vessels
Brunners Glands Secrete ___________
______________ Muscle Is Present In Region Such As Stomach( Add 'An' At The Beginning)
Mucus Secreted By Goblet Cells helps In ____________From ____________And Also Helps In ______________
Mucosa Of Small Intestine Forms _____________
____________Cells Line Villi
In Between Gastric Rugae ______________ Are Present
___________ Is The Layer lining The Lumen Of Alimentary Cana( Add 'The' At The Beginning)l
Mucosa Of The Stomach Forms Irregular Folds Called ___________( Add 'An' At The Beginning)
_____________ Layer Is Made Up Of Smooth Muscles
___________ Layer Of Small Intestine Forms Small Folds calle Villi
__________ Is The Innermost Layer( Add 'An' At The Beginning)
__________ Layer Is Made Up Of Thin Mesothelium With Some CT
Name The Enzymes That Plasmamembrane Of Microvilli Bears Are Called As ____________ Enzymes( Add 'The' At The Beginning)
Gastric Glands Are ___________ In Size
Serosa Is Made Up Of _________ With ___________
_______________ Is A Muscle Present In stomach But Absent In Other parts From Oesophagus To Rectum
Mucosal Of Epithelial Ha __________ Cells
Mucosa Is The ________________ Layer ( Position)
Microvilli Produces ______________ Appearance
Columnar Epithelial Cells That Line Villi Produce ______________( Add 'An' At The Beginning)
____________ Gives A Brush Border Appearance( Add 'The' At The Beginning)
_________ Epithelium Has Gobelt Cells
____________ Has Goblet Cells
Each Villus Has a _____________ And __________ Called Lacteal
Smooth Muscles Of Muscularis Are Arranged Into __________ And ____________
Name The Layers Posseses By Oesophagus To Rectum
Each Villus has A Network of Capillaries And A Large Lymph Capillaries Called___________
Gastric Glands Present In Between _______
Muscularis Externa Forme By _________ Muscles
Mucosa Of The ____ FormsIrregular Folds Called Gastric Rugae
Crypts Of Lieberkuhn Are Present Between ______________
Loose CT Contains ______, _____ And ________
From Oesophagus To Rectum Alimentary Canal Possesses _______ Number Of Layers
Sub Mucosa Is Formed By __________________
Mucosa Of Small Intestine Forms Small Folds Called ________
_______ Increases The Surface Area For Absorbtion
Mucosa Of Duodenum Has _____________ Glands

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