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In Alimentary Canal The Part That Comes After Large Intestine Is __________
Crown Is The _________Part
Chisel Shaped teeth Are _____
A Small Cavity present inside The tooth Is Calles As _________
The parts Of Stomach Are _______, ____________ And __________
Tongue Occurs At __________ Of The Buccal Cavity
Dentine Is Secreted By ________ Cells
Premolars And Molars Are ________ Teeth
Large Intestine Contains ________ Number Of parts( Add '.0' Ending)
Trachea Opens Into ___________
In Humans Tongue Bears ____________ Types Of Papillae( Add '.000' At Ending)
Tonsils Are Present ___________
Buccal Cavioty And Nasal Chamber Facilitates ____________ And _______
Oesophagus Opens Into ________ Portion Of Stomach
Teeth's Are Embedded In Jawbones. Hence Called ___________
Hard Palate Is ____________ In Postion
In Alimentary Canal The Part That Comes After Pharynx Is ______
Caecum Opens Into ____________
Internal Anal Sphincter Is Guarded By __________ Muscles
The Beginning Of large Intestine Bears ___________ And __________
Pharynx Serves As Common Passage For __________ And ____
_________ Is The Longest Part Of The Alimentary Canal
Fundic Is The ____________ Portion Of Stomach
Pulp Cavity Is Filled With ____________
__________ Forms Middle Ear Cavity
There Are 4 Different teeths. Hence this Type Of Dentition Is called As __________
Soft Palate Hangs Down Into Pharynx as ______
Location Of Stomach Is ______________
The Enamel Covers _____________( Add 'A' At Beginning)
Fungi Form papillae Are Present At ____________
Ceacum Hosts ______________
Soft Palate Is __________ In position
Deciduous Teeth Are Also Called As _________
Tongue Is Commonly Called As __________
Oesophagus Extends PosteriorlyPassing Through ____, ___ And _____________ And Finally Leads Into _______
Alimentary Canal Start's From _________( Add 'the' At Beginning )
Vestigial Organ In Large Intestine Arises From ____________
Tonsils Are The ______ Tissues
Name The Sphincter Present Between Oesophagus And The Stomach
Nasopharynx Lies At _________
The ________ And ______ Facilitates Chewing And Breathing Simuntaneously
Milk Teeth Are Also Called As _________
Oropharynx Lies At _________( Add 'The' At Beginning)
Some Papillae Bears ___________
Use Of Sphincter Is _____________
Cheeck Teeths Are _________ And ________
Is A Sphincter Presnt At The Beginning of The Oesophagus ?....Yes Or No
Odontoblast Cells Forms ________( Add 'The' At Beginning)
Larynx Opens Into _______ Through Glottis
The Root Is Fixed In The Socket Of ____________ By ________
Large Intestine Is Concerned With __________, ____________ And _________
Filiform Papillae Are Present At _____________
Dentine Forms __________ Of The Tooth
Neck Is The ________ Part
Jejunum Is _________ In Position( Add 'In The' At Beginning)
__________Is The hardest Substance In The Body( Add 'A' At Beginning)
Types Of Colon ( Names )
Small Intestin e Is Distinguished Into ___ Parts ( Add '.00' At Ending)
The Mouth Is Bordered By ___________
Large Intestine Secretes _________
Palatine rugae Lines ____________
Soft Palate Hangs Down into ________( Add 'The' At Beginning)
Enamel Is Secreted By ______________ Cells
The Teeth That Usually Appear At The 21 Is _________(Add 'the' At Beginning)
Tongue Is The _____ Of The Buccal Cavity
The Pharynx Is Divided Into __________ Parts( Word Form)
___________ Prevents The Entry Of Food Into Glottis During Swallowing
Pulp Cavity Is Lined By A layer Of ___________
Pharynx Possessses ____________ Muscles To assist In Swallowing
Tonsils On Pharynx Are _______ Types ( Add 'The' At Beginning)
Ileum Opens Into __________
Incisors Are ____________Shaped
The Total number Of Milk Teeths Are ______
Permanent Teeth Are Also Called As ________
Tooth Has ________ Parts
Middle Ear Cavities Open Into The ____________
Name The Tonsils
Circumvallate papillae Are Present On ___________
The Third Molar Teeth Appear At The Age Usually About
Mucus Secreted By Large Intestine Helps In _____________________
Tongue Is Fixed To Basal Of Oral Cavity By A Fold Of Tissue Called ____________
Tooth Helps In ___________
The Jaw Bone Bears __________
Colon Shows Three Longitudinal Smooth Muscles Called ____________
Teeth's Are ____________ In Origin
Uvula Is A Part Of ___________
Uvula Hangs Down Into _________ ( Add 'A' At Beginning)
Colon Is Divided Into _________ (Number)
The Basal parts Of Teeth Are Covered By ____________
The Upper Surface Of Tongue has Small Projections Called _______
Ameloblasts Cells Secrete ________( Add 'The' At Beginning)
Stomach Is ___ Shaped
Laryngopharynx Lies At ____________( Add 'The' At Beginning)
Pharyngeal Tonsils Are Also Called As __________
Pyloric Stomach Opens Into _____________( Add 'The' At Beginning)
Adult Teeth Are Also Called As ____________
The Alimentary Canal Is Also Called As ___________
External Anal Sphincter Is Guarded By ___________ Muscles
Gums Are Otherwise Called As ____________
Milk Teeth Dentition Is __________
Name The Types Of papillae In Humans __________
Premolars And Molars Are help Full In ______( Add 'The' At Beginning)
Gingiva Is Also Called As _____________( Add 'The' At Beginning)
Incisors Are help full In ______( Add 'The' At Beginning)
Hard Palate Is Lined By __________
Labium In Alimentary Canal Borders _______( Add 'a' At Beginning)
Canines Are __________ Shaped
Ileum Is __________ In position( Add 'The' At Beginning)
Stomach Is ____________ Like Structure
Taste Buds Are Present On ___________( Add 'The' At Beginning)
There Is No Digestive Activity In __________ Part Of Alimentary Canal( Add 'The' At Beginning)
Cheek Teeth Are Useful In ______________
Arrange The Types Of Teeth In Order pm,c,m,I
In Alimentary Canal The Part That Comes After Small Intetstine Is ____________( Add 'On' At Beginning)_
Large Intestine Contains ____________, __________, And ___________ Parts
Rectum Leads Into __________
Two Stes Of Teeth In Mammals Are _________ And ________
Adult Human Has ______ Permanent teeth
The _______Separates Ventral Buccal Cavity From Dorsal Nasal Chamber
Anal Canal Opens Out Through _________( Add 'A' At Beginning)
There Is No _________ Activity In Large Intestine
Name The Sphincter At The Beginning of Oesophagus
Enamel Is Present On Which Part Of Tooth
The Bulk Of Tooth Is Formed By _________
Dental Formula Of Adult Is
In Alimentary Canal The Part That Comes After Stomach Is __________
Root Is The ______ Part
The Opening Of Stomach into Small Intestine Is guarded By The _______________
Anal Canal Is Guarded By___________ And __________
Duodenum Is __________ In Position
Odontoblasts Cells Are _________ In Origin
Chisel Teeth Are Useful In _________
Canines Are Help Full In ____________( Add 'The' At Beginning)
_________ Is Fixed In Jaw Bone By Cementum And Periodontal membrane( Add 'The' At Beginning)
Human Digestive System Consists Of ______ And _________
The Basal Parts Of teeth Are ________ And ________
Parts Of tooth Are _________
Socket Is Also Called As _________
In Alimentary Canal The Part That Comes After Oesophagus Is ________
The Four Diiferent teeth's Are _______ , ___________, __________ And_______
Duodenum Receives ___________ Duct
Dagger Teeth Are Useful In _____________
Dentine Is Covered By _____________
In Alimentary Canal The Part That Comes After Buccal Cavity Is _________
Pharynx Posses Voluntary Muscles To Facilitate In ____________
Tongue Acts As __________
Jaw Bone Bears _______Kinds Of teeth
In Alimentary Canal The Part That Comes After The Mouth Is ______
The Third Molar teeth Is Called As __________
Stomach Has _________ Parts( Add 'A' At Beginning)
_________ Serves As Common Passage For Food And Air
Enamel is __________ In origin
Alimentary Ends With Posterior Opening Called ________
Dentine Of __________ Is Covered By Cementum
The Buccal Cavity Is Also Called As ________
Name The Parts Of Pharynx
_________ Is The Vestigial Organ
Majority Of Humans Forms Two Sets Of Teeth. This Type of Dentition Is Called As ___________
The Palate Separates _____________ From The __________
__________ Opens Through Glottis( Add 'The' At Beginning)
Name The parts Of Small Intestine
Colon Shows Bulged Out Pouches Called ____________
Dagger Shaped Teeth Are ____________
Pyloric Is The __________ Portion
Teeth's Are Embedded In __________
Dentine Of Root Is Covered By ____________Cementum

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