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QUIZ: Conquer this quiz and you can definitely do hand stands on your paddle board like Sam

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Forced Order
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Most interesting employee/most likely to ask where you live?
Cash Drawer Number?
What lake can you not portage too?
How much does a portaging canoe weigh? *In lbs*
Most likely employee to fall off a paddle board? Hint *he likes married woman*
How many available boats do we have in total?
Do you have any.....?
Longest portage route?
Employee whose name is spelled wrong every time on the board
Who is the most handsome rental pod employee
Employee who's a geography whiz?
Naturalist with the goofiest laugh?
Worst thing to open and close during a shift?
When do we open for the summer?
Best place to store boats?
What lake is partially on private property?
What can you not have on the paddle board?
Employee who can lift all boats by his/her self?
Fly kill cup champion?
Alter ego for one of the rental pod employees
Favorite rental pod snack?
Another way of saying reserved (Insert Phrase)
How much would it cost if everything was rented for the day?
Bestest Awesomest Radicalist Supervisors?
What's our slogan?
Employee who makes the best cookies?

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