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Members of this band formed The Mars Volta and Sparta after splitting up.
Had a feud with Oasis in the mid to late 1990s.
Released a highly regarded double album in 1979, and followed it with a triple album the next year.
Their 2004 release translated to English is 'Take It Easy'
Composed most of the songs for the Friday Night Lights film.
Covered The Beatles 'Everybody's Got Something to Hide (Except Me and My Monkey)' on their 1980 album and 'She Said She Said' on an 1985 EP.
Nick Cave's side-project.
This band's name translated to English is 'Do You Remeber?'
Released an album based on a philosophical prison ideal.
Self-titled release contained a cover of a Tori Amos song as a hidden track.
Afrika Bambaataa used the melody of a song from this German group.
Released an album in 2004 loosely based on witchcraft.
Had a song served as the theme song to Jackass.
Released their 2008 album for free on their website.
Played as the backing band for Roky Erickson's 2010 album.
Pitchfork named this band's 'Gold Soundz' as the #1 song of the 1990s.
This band's famous single found new life after it was featured in an iconic scene in Wayne's World.
Used a pay what you want model for their 2007 release.
Took their name from a song on Can's Ege Bamyasi.
Had a song on their seminal 1977 album faded early due to vinyl space limitations.
Band took their name from the protagonist of the book, Ubu Roi.*
The cover art of their first album only featured a banana and the name of an artist.
This band has three self-titled albums, each more known by their background color.
This band's 1982 album cover was based on the Uffington White Horse.
Close to the Edge?
This band's seminal 1968 album features a misspelled word.

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