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Original Robin from the 1960's TV series
Main ingredient of the deadly poison Ricen
Distance an owl can rotate its head
Answer to 14 times 379
Actual purpose of the Taj Mahal
Author of Wuthering Heights
Slaves' name for the Big Dipper which led them to freedom
Period of history existing in the time of knights and castles
Plague that swept through Philadelphia in 1793
Meaning for acronym FM
The author of Of Mice and Men and The Pearl
Years mentioned in Abe Lincoln's Gettysburg Address
ABC's Once Upon a Time's blonde main protagonist
Famous actor featured in Goodmorning Vietnam, Hook, and Popeye
Mythical land created by author J.M. Barrie
Mythical creature known for stealing mens' youth
Famous Novel by Harriet Beecher Stowe
Braum Stoker's blood-sucking creation
Largest mammal on Earth
Greek hero known for slaying Medusa
Instrument used to measure P and S waves from earthquakes
Inventor of the telephone
Inventor of the Cotton Gin
Lines in a traditional sonnet
Star which Fredderick Douglass named his newspaper after
Name of doctor who created the monster in Frankenstein
Technical name for KCN
Mark Twain's real name
Original Batman from the 1960's TV series
Actor known for roles in A Series of Unfortunate Events, Bruce Almighty, and The Truman Show
Ancient Greek monster that could turn people to stone with a glance
Frank Sinatra's famous song involving alliteration in the chorus
Mythical sword Prince Arthur Penndragon pulled from a stone
Term used in television to give a clue irrelevant to the mystery or plot
Name of the dark spots on the moon as theorized by Galileo
Color of or related to chartruese
Author Edgar Allen Poe's love
Famous mongoose character written by Rudyard Kipling
Place where the first McDonald's was est.
Louisa May Alcott's poetry pseudonym

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