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What kind of phone does Juno have in her bedroom?
What color slushie do Juno and Leah like the best?
What does Juno say that Paulie's mother looks like?
In what U.S. state is the setting for the movie?
What are the names of the two abortion clinics that Leah suggests to Juno?
What is Juno's little sister's name?
What is Mark's guitar named?
What flavor of Tic Tacs are Bleeker's favorite?
The song Mark composed for Titanium Power Men's Deodorant paid for what room of his house?
What is Bren's job?
What flavor of Lip Smackers lip balm does Juno apply before seeing Mark?
What beverage does Juno drink before taking her third pregnancy test?
Who wrote the screenplay for Juno?
What scent are the condoms at the abortion office?
What does Juno say is the best flavor of Boone's?
What does Vanessa want to name Juno's baby if it's a girl, according to Mark?
What does Katrina De Voort's house smell like?
What song do Mark and Juno slow dance to?
Who does Bren yell at to defend Juno?
What sport does Leah participate in?
Who does Juno call from the school pay phone?
What are the names of the paint colors that Vanessa picked out for the nursery?
What subject does Leah's crush teach?
What number is on the side of Paulie's race car bed?
What is the name of the comic that Mark gives to Juno?
What is the name of the teacher that Leah likes?
What does Juno shout to her father when her water breaks?
What kind of flower does Juno touch to her pregnant stomach?
What is Paulie doing while Juno is in labor?
In what city do Mark and Vanessa live?

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