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Based on a video game, a man has to go into the past and find the apple.2016/17 (depending on country)
A boy finds a baby photo of himself on a missing persons website and wants to find out the truth2011
A spy is frozen in the 60s and brought back in the 90s1997
A group of superheroes come together to locate the Tesseract2012
Wall Street rich guy has a passion for killing2000
A fraud claims to be related to this family while trying to steal the family's fortune 1991
a man gets armed with a suit that gives him the ability to change his size 2015
Z switches place with his warrior friend to get closer to the princess and unexpectedly gets thrown into battle1998
Based on a 1865 novel we follow a young girl discovering an unusual world with smiling cats and strange cakes1951/2010
An alien invasion occurs on a small London estate and a group of teens fend them off2011
a war of feminism against the top rated newsman in San Diego2004
After responding to an SOS the crew of a commercial spaceship discover mysterious lifeforms on an unknown moon1979
Phileas Fogg's journey round the world1956/2004
3 musical rodents make friends with a songwriter and follow their dreams for success2007
In a utopian future, 400 years after a virus wiped out half the population of the world an assassin is given the task of killing a member of the council2005
a street 'rat' falls in love with a princess and lies his way into the kingdom1992
After 7 ships land on earth scientists try to communicate with the Heptapods2016
A family of cats try to make it home after being kidnapped by a jealous butler1970

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