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On his way to his final race a celebrity racer gets stuck in a small town after damaging their road and having to stick around to fix it2006
A 911 operator takes it into her own hands to save a young girls life2013
A failing inventor creates an incredible machine that goes disastrously wrong after it is over used and so the inventor has to stop it2009
A boy from a poor family wins the opportunity of a lifetime in a chocolate bar2005
After getting cold feet about his wedding a man accidentally marries a dead woman2005
6 strangers find wake up in a booby trapped maze and have the combined skills to get themselves out of there but none could do it without the others1997
An anthropomorphic cat terrorizes a families home while the children's babysitter is asleep2003
On a secluded holiday 5 teens release a hoard of zombies, but Hadley really wanted them to get the merman 2012
A teen girl is bullied after getting her period and discovers her powers 1976/2013
A girl living in an abusive household loses her shoe at a ball and the man who fell in love with her searches the town for her1950/2015
After finding a magical world a boy is enchanted by the queen and a girl makes feinds with a faun2005
A young boy gets the birthday gift of his dreams only to discover it contains the soul of a serial killer1988
After embarrassing himself in front of the whole town by telling them the sky is falling down a young boy finds out the sky really is falling down and has to try and warn the town2005
A teen who enjoys committing crimes gets 'cured'1971
World War 2 hero, frozen for decades2011
2 men with very different lives switch bodies after a night out2011
A man who ages backwards2008
A fed-ex employee crashes and finds himself washed up on a desert island 2000

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