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QUIZ: Can you name the movies that start with B?

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2 kids create a fantasy world in the forest but one of them dies suddenly flipping the others life upside down2007
A ballerina gets her big break in swan lake but gets paranoid about her understudy and slowly looses her sanity2010
Thieves pose as Santa and an elf to rob stores on Christmas eve2003
An princess who is an expert archer defies tradition and brings a curse onto her mother2012
A group of teenagers are stuck in detention1985
Popular kid Kyle is transformed by a witch in this Beauty and the Beast remake2012
A forbidden love between two cowboys2005
While in Sierra Leone a fisherman finds a pink diamond2006
After her rich husband dumped her a woman is forced to return to teaching so she can afford breast implants.2011
An FBI agent has to go undercover as his ex-girlfriends long lost grandmother2000
An insect sues humanity to protect his overworked species but it has dreadful consequences for plantlife2007
The brides new friend threatens the brides oldest friend as she feels like the bride isn't as close to her as she used to be2011
A young woman offers herself to a cursed man to save her father 1991/2017
A cop is given the task of tracking down a serial killer who is killing police2011
The story of a young deer1942
A misfit ant tries to find warriors to help him defeat the evil grasshoppers1998
A marshmallow-like robot and a team of science students save the world from a villain2014
A Half-Human Half-Vampire protects mortals from vampires1998
A man with amnesia has to escape assassins and try and remember who he is2002
A group of household appliances go on an adventure to find their master1987
A teenage boy must get himself back to his own time after travelling 30 years into the past.1985
After complaining about God a lot a man is given Gods powers2003

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