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A teenage girls birthday wish is to be older and that's exactly what she gets2004
A man travels back in time to try and figure out what caused the end of the world1995
In a post apocalyptic future, civilization lies in the hands of a ragdoll2009
A forensic psychologist gets a phone call threatening his life, he must figure out who it is before time runs out 2007
2 undercover cops search for drugs in a high school2012
A photo developer becomes obsessed with a family2002
A child psychologist takes on the task of a child who can see dead people1999
A modern take on 'Taming of the Shrew'. A girl can't go on a date until her older sister does1999
The true story of a man stuck under a rock in Utah2010
Anita's evil boss wants to steal her puppies1961/1996
a month after the 'Rage' virus breaks out, survivors try to find safety2002
Humanity finds an unusual object beneath the surface of the moon1968
The deadly sins inspired a serial killer1995
A month of vampires in Alaska2007

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