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Category: Friends
1. What holiday does Chandler hate? 
2. Who does Phoebe marry? 
3. What are Ross and Monica's parents' names? 
4. Where does Gunther work? 
5. Who is Monica's date to New Years for 94-95? 
6. What does Chandler name the chick? 
7. Whose wedding does Rachel wear the 'Princess Bubbleyum' outfit to? 
8. What does Rachel think Chandler's job is? 
9. What does Ross call Monica's Thanksgiving leftovers sandwich? 
10. Name the 7 children born to/adopted by the 6 main characters throughout the series in alphabetical order: 
Category: Beer
1. Which country is Foster's from? 
2. What is the common term for the foam on the top of a beer? 
3. What type of beer is Stella Artois? 
4. In which country is Red Stripe brewed? 
5. What does the 'weizen' in Hefeweizen mean in English? 
6. What year was Budweiser introduced? 
7. What company brews Blue Moon? 
8. What are the 4 basic ingredients of beer in alphabetical order? 
9. The sweet liquid that comes from mashing grains is called what? 
10. What is the oldest, still operating brewery in the world? 
Category: Sports on Grass
1. In the NFL, what two cities have the Raiders played for? 
2. As of 2010, what MLB team has gone the longest without winning a World Series? 
3. How many players are on each team during a cricket game? 
4. What sport traditionally consists of two teams of four men and four horses? 
5. What is the Australian Rules Football annual championship match called? 
6. Listing the winners first, what two teams played in the 2010 NFL Super Bowl? 
7. What is the only country to have won the FIFA World Cup 5 times? 
8. In 1998, what two MLB players were in a neck and neck race to beat Roger Maris' record for most home runs in a single season? 
9. Since 1967, what woman holds the record for winning the most Wimbledon Ladies Singles Championships? 
10. As of 2010, who is the current president of FIFA? 
Category: Classic Literature
1. How many books comprise Lewis' Chronicles of Narnia? 
2. What letter is referred to in Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter, and what word does it represent? 
3. Who wrote A Christmas Carol? 
4. What novel starts with the famous line 'Call me Ishmael'? 
5. What are Romeo and Juliet's last names (in that order)? 
6. Who are the male and female protagonists in Bronte's Wuthering Heights? 
7. What author penned the character Lennie Small? 
8. What is Holden Caulfield's little sister's name? 
9. In 1984, Winston is horrified to realize he has unwittingly written this in his diary:  
10. In Tolkein's Lord of the Rings, what is the last line of the poem that appears on The Ring when it is placed in a fire?  

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