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Alright, Stop! Now before you8
And try to get4
You better think 6
Im your motherfu**in1
Thats Nonsense, go in and gaffe the money and run6
and borrow a damn7
tell her18
yeah but if it all goes5
the whole nerighbourhood knows you 4
think anout it before you walk in the door first look at the store clerk5
F**k that Do that **** 3
can you afford to blow this ****4
why you give a f**k if she dies4
do you really think she gives a f**k4
man dont do it6
dont even listen7
you know what dre5
now listen to me while4
and smearin her lipstisck6
now all you gotta8
yo this girls4
you shouldnt take advantage5
yo look at her bush4
f**k this bitch right4
start of linenumber of missing words
till she8
man aint you ever seen that3
no but i seen the po*no3
sh*t you wanna5
f**k that hit that sh*t4
alright calm down relax2
f**k that sh*t6
while your at work7
f**k slittin her throat5
wait what if there 5
what she tripped fell landed3
alright shady maybe3
but think about the3
okay thought about it4
grab her by the thorat 5
thats what i did6
you gonna take advice6
what'chu say6
ima kill you mother fu**er ah ha temper temper4
mr ak comin straight 6
how the f**k you gonna7
cause he dont9
been there done that, aww f**k5
shoot em both grady4

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