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Boy Who Lived
Who is best friends with?
Who has what written on her forehead?
Which was charmed by?
Her cat - was accused of eating Ronalds rat
Who befriends this animagus?
Whos animagus form is a?
Which is 1 out of - other animaguses
Moony is
Who is bestfriends with Prongs
Who marries?
They get betrayed by
Who lives with
Who loved
Who has a sister named
Who marries
They have a son named
Who says Harry has a boyfriend named
Whos fathers name is?
Who meets this person at the portkey?
Who is married to
Who has these seven children
Who all go to?
Bill marries?
Whos sister is?
Who is blonde like?
Whos father runs the
Who bans it from hogwarts in their fifth year?

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