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Can you name the phrases and hyphenated words that begin with each of the isolated letters A through Z?

Updated Oct 2, 2015

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LetterAlphabetic ThingDefinition
AA group of individuals at the top of excellence or society
BA low-budget commercial film
CProcedure where the baby is delivered through an abdominal incision
DJune 6, 1944
ERod shaped bacterium that can cause food poisoning
FShorthand for a curse word that often gets dropped
G2009 guinea pig comedy; what pilots experience upon takeoff
HFusion-based nuclear weapon
IAn iron or steel building staple for erecting sky scrapers
JAmerican clothing retailer with a popular catalog
KDiscount department store chain
LOne of two squares attached to a vehicle with a student driver
MLuxury Mid-size SUV made by Mercedes
NAmerican pop group featuring Justin Timberlake
OThis gasket's failure caused the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster
PRapper/producer Sean Combs' name circa 2001-2005
QBrand of popular cotton swab
RMPAA designation for a movie that requires a guardian when under 17
SThe probable location of the electron in a hydrogen atom
TA similar cut of beef to the Porterhouse
UNorth American equipment, moving and storage rental company
VA TV-based technology used to block content and programs based on ratings
WThis car power source has pistons positioned so it looks like a letter
XElectromagnetic radiation used to image skeletons
YSomething men have and women do not, genetically
ZPart of the basis for a Cartesian coordinate space

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