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Who Sings the Friends Theme Song?
Who Turns the Lamp Off in the Opening Credits?
Who Mugged Ross?
What Did Ross Buy Phoebe?
What Was Tags Last Name?
Who Peed on Monica when she got Stung by a Jellyfish?
What Does Joey Suffer from When Phoebe is in Labor?
Who Can Only Eat Tic-Tacs in Even Numbers?
What Name Appears on the Address Label for the TV Guide?
What is the Name of Chandlers Fathers Las Vegas All Male Burlesque?
What was Monicas Nickname when she was a Field Hockey Goalie?
What is Rachel's Actual Favorite Movie?
What Part of the Body did Monica get a Pencil Stuck in at Age 14?
How many Categories does Monica have for her Towels?
What was Joey's Imaginary Childhood Friend's Name?
Who was in the I Hate Rachel Green Club?
What STate did Joey think that Ross just Made Up?
Which Friend is 1/60th Portuguese?
What was Monica's Favorite Game as a Kid?
Fish Freak which Friend Out?

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