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Russia, France, and Great Britain were members of which group?
Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy were members of which group?
What factors led to decreased glorification of war?
Whose assassination sparked the beginning of the war?
What strategy led to a high death toll and stalemates?
What country did Austria-Hungary wish to colonize, eventually declaring war?
Which document ended the war?
Glorification of war and preparation of an army for war
Area in between trenches called on the battlefield
Terrorist group who assassinated Franz Ferdinand
A signed check with no amount specified
Who were the central powers?
Main cause of World War I
Pride in one's country
When countries compete for colonies
German submarines
What is it called when countries devote all of their resources to the war?
What country was blamed for the war?
What year did the war begin?
German plan to overcome both France and Russia
Battlefield along German and Russian border
Deadlocked battlefield in northern France
Ruler of Germany who forced Bismarck to resign
Battle which yielded an extremely high death toll
New technology used in the war

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