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Til I leave my hands in bloody painSecondhand Rapture (2013)
Knee deep in water but we're not sunk yetHow Does It Feel (2015)
Lavender haze, djarum vanillaSecondhand Rapture (2013)
Three, four, keep on chasing the floorHow Does It Feel (2015)
Of the darkness in my heartSecondhand Rapture (2013)
Disguised as a breakthroughHow Does It Feel (2015)
How many hours will I let slip awaySecondhand Rapture (2013)
Hard truths bite my heelsHow Does It Feel (2015)
All our silence could not excuseHow Does It Feel (2015)
What was a spell, now feels like a curseSecondhand Rapture (2013)
Monday is January, Friday is DecemberHow Does It Feel (2015)
The dream I take to awakeSecondhand Rapture (2013)
Silence in motion on this quiet treadHow Does It Feel (2015)
Blue was a colour I thought I knewHow Does It Feel (2015)
Brittle strands become threadsSecondhand Rapture (2013)
You're the heart, I'm the beatHow Does It Feel (2015)
My body will follow if you hold my mindHow Does It Feel (2015)
I know you would hatch a planSecondhand Rapture (2013)
Rotten youth with no regretsHow Does It Feel (2015)
Empty churches with soulless cursesSecondhand Rapture (2013)
To wind up at this doorSecondhand Rapture (2013)
Only picked me up to bring me downSecondhand Rapture (2013)
Sharp as glass and twice as brightSecondhand Rapture (2013)
We're a pair of perilous foolsHow Does It Feel (2015)

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