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fact about
soviet leader that announced a drastic change in communist policy in the late 1980s
prime minster of britain that brought more free enterprise ect against communism
dictator of iraq
was in charge of operation desert storm
first women prime minster of canada
first black president of south africa in 1994
financial center of southeast asia
russia or ussr
second largest country
invadad by cuba in 1983
policy that said no plains to take over other countries
proposed system of space age weaponry
americas plan to liberate kuwait
term used to describe reagans principles of government
fact about
plan to rebuild soviet unions econmic system
reagans idea to stop communism before it enslaves people
european community became know as this
polish nationalist that stood up to cummunism
a policy of radical segeration in south africa
by 1995 fastest growing economies were in
what percent of worlds trade was in pacific rim
who won by 42% in the 1992 election
bill clintons fist lady national health care
what did clinton seceed to do
true of false newt gingrich made contract with america to lower taxes
true of false gorbachev met at the same place as church hill to warn us about stalin where they mat was springfield missouri
solzhenitsyn said men have forgotten god

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