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The first episode of the series
Also called as 'Michael's Sword'
Also known as 'Boy King'
The episode of Dean's first (real) death
The Latin of the name of Christ
Demons in charge of deals
The monster featured in 'Sex and Violence'
The fifth episode of the second season
Children fed with demon blood
The Yellow-Eyed-Demon's name
The youngest of the archangels
The prophet who is actually God
The cousin Dean killed when possessed by the Khan worm
The demon killed in 'Goodbye Stranger'
Mother of All
The BMOL lady who kidnapped Sam
The mark that turned Dean into a demon
Mother of the demon, Crowley
Sam and Dean's MOL grandfather
Sam and Dean's hunter grandfather
Mother of the brothers
Episode where Lucifer possessed Sam
Episode where Sarah Blake died
Father figure of the Winchesters
The funniest angel in the garrison
The angel companion of Sam and Dean
Known as God's sister
Monster in the episode 'Yellow Fever'
Dean's old flame who first appeared in the third season
Type of demon Lilith was
Mauled by Hell Hounds in 'Abandon All Hope'
Killed in an explosion in 'Abandon All Hope'
Sold his soul to save Dean
Weapon that can kill angels
Angel who tried to possess Castiel
Episode where Mary left the boys
Song played on almost every season finales
Sam and Dean's half brother
Dubbed herself as the Queen of Hell
Teenage prophet of the Lord
Name of the bull Dean rode in 'Regarding Dean'
The name of the group Ed and Harry built
Monster in 'Hell House'
Red-headed genius hacker
Real name of Charlie
The first one to kill Sam
It weakens vampires
The angel who tried to kill John and Mary and killed Sam
The hunter featured in the Wizard of Oz book
Dean's car and baby
Demon that killed Andy
Ninth episode of the ninth season
Angel who let Lucifer into the Garden
Scribe of God
A hunter obssessed with killing Sam
Hunters that killed Sam and Dean in their hotel room
Creature that sent Dean into his dream world
Prince of Hell killed by Sam
Yellow-Eyed Demons are known as the...
Weapon that killed Azazel
Sheriff-hunter who helps the brothers often
Daughter of Castiel's vessel
Cured vampire who Jody practically adopted
Crossroad demon who possessed Jody
Episode where Bobby Singer died
Person who killed Charlie
Andy and Ansem's power
Female angel who accompanied Castiel and helped him
The first female reaper to appear in the series
A magical box that makes people commit suicide if they tried to open it
A lance that almost killed Castiel
Sam's imaginary friend who is a Zanna
Dean's favorite food
'There's Dean girls, Sam girls, and-what's a ____ fan?'
Sam's demon friend in college
Lucifer first appeared to Sam as...
John Winchester died in...
... Loyal to the absent father
... Rebellious to Daddy's plan
Main antagonist in the fourth season
Main antagonist in the seventh season
Monster in the episode 'Jump the Shark'
Mother of the Nephilim
The rockstar Lucifer possessed
'Wait, there's no such thing as _____?'
Rogue reaper who killed Castiel
Deity who eats authors
Cannibal humans who kidnapped Sam
Episode that Doc Benton first appeared
Son of Crowley
Crowley used this to kill Sarah and to almost kill Jody
Bobby Singer first appeared in...
One of the Four Horsemen who liked pizza
Dean's vampire friend and companion
The demon Sam chose over his brother
The 200th episode of the series
Way to trap archangels and angels
Way to banish angels
Knife that can kill demons
Sam and Dean's current home and headquarters

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