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Can you name the places to go in and around Springfield?

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If you want to...Go to...
swim in Big Snake Lake
live in a place where the bums (if there were any) are allowed to leave at their own pace
try on the Iron Mask and ride The Bomb (although it's not technically allowed...)
see an early performance by the B-Sharps
pay a social visit to Fat Tony
visit Patty and Selma at home
visit the office of Cookie Kwan, number one on the West side
get a chace to see Fourth Street and D
witness the floating Maude head miracle
find out that you're limited to three handguns or less
If you want to...Go to...
help Maggie with her great escape
visit Flanders in his mental institution
challenge the Pin Pals to a game or two
jump on the 'Topes bandwagon
try to eat The Ark (the ice cream sundae, not the boat full of animals), single-handed
see the thing that put Brockway, Ogdneville and North Haverbrook on the map
visit Homer in his mental institution
test your mettle in The Eliminator
race vibrating beds
see the chair moisteners in sector 7-G

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