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QUIZ: Can you name the Countries, given the category that they rule the world in?

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Largest wool producer 
Largest lemon and lime producer 
Largest kiwifruit producer 
Largest avocado producer 
Largest hop producer 
Largest cacao producer 
Largest cork producer 
Largest Abacá (Manila Hemp) producer 
Largest date producer 
Largest pistachio producer 
Best performance at World Judo Championship 
Most FIFA World Cup wins 
Best performance at the World Rally Championship (WRC) 
Most Formula One Grand Prix wins 
Most number of British Open squash champions (men) 
Best performance at World Taekwondo Championships 
Best performance at World Cross-Country Running Championships 
Winner of most men's Baseball World Cups 
Most Olympic medals 
Best performance at World Table Tennis Championships (team) 
Geographical features
Highest coastline-to-area ratio 
Most water (by area) 
Largest forest area 
Most southerly northernmost point on land 
Smallest area 
Lowest depression below sea level 
Highest lowest point 
Most time zones (incl. overseas territories) 
Most northernmost point on land 
Most northerly southernmost point on land 
Highest male-to-female ratio 
Most unstable country 
Highest birth rate 
Least corrupt country 
Most beautiful women (based on # of Miss Universe/World/International/Earth wins) 
Highest consumption of beer per capita 
Highest infant mortality rate 
Lowest carbon dioxide emissions 
Earliest female head of government 
Highest consumption of tobacco per capita 

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