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AnimalGroup NameAlso ...
antsThere were originally 13 in America
lions_____ and Prejudice
owls British governing body
albatrossSounds like a chess piece
butterfliesWhat your heart does when you're in love
ravensWhat you'd expect from Regina George
catsSheldon had one on The Big Bang Theory
kangaroosTony Soprano should've been a kangaroo
dolphinsAn Apple product. Without the i.
flamingoesStyle of Gothic architecture (noun form)
AnimalGroup NameAlso ...
caterpillarsThey want YOU
locustsFisher Stevens in Hackers
hyenasWitchy laugh
crowsDexter's favorite pastime
mosquitoesWhat killed Doyle on Angel
rhinoceros2005 Academy Award winning film
peacocksWhat the Real Housewives all specialize in
cockroachesBeing overrun by the animal
rattlesnakesCuban dance
oystersWhere you go when you're tired

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