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'Go ahead touch the _______, you know best'
And here you are Maeby coming out of your Mother's ____ ____.
Beat him with a pillow case full of _______.
It's like, 'You want to go down to the whirlpool?' 'Yea I don't have a husband.' I call it _____ _____.
Control your _______ when you're dead!
Dinners ready. We're having ______ chops.
It could be worse, he could want to ____ ____ ______
I finally figured out a way to _____ _____ while I'm working.
Oh I'm sorry, I thought you were ____.
What a fun ____ time for you.
Interfere? I would of pulled down your pants and ____ ___ ___ ___.
Take a look at _____ Michael!
Everyday it rains, _______ from Heaven!
He ____ ____ than anyone we have ever questioned.
I did. I'm Cherith Cutestory a _____ ______, it was air tight.
In our defense Mom we're not exactly ___ _____.
If you play me you have to play me like a man, and not some mincing little _____.
She's the one who gave us the idea for the ocean-top town called ______.
And don't make the water too hot, ___ ___ ___ ___ ___
Oh do you want us to go down to the ____ store and get you some ______.
Do I work here? I developed an ______ _______ being your assistant Michael.
You wouldn't know who this N Bluth is would you? A Nick or a ______?
It's a dolly to help videotape your _____.
Now if you'll excuse me, they're putting me in something called _____ _____
Oh I don't have any drugs for sale. Unless did you want me to ______ ___ __ ____ ___?

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