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Malfoy friends dad
Killed Fred
Spy in Ministry of Magic
Teaches at Hogwarts
Killed Dobby, tortured Nevilles parents
Killed by aurors, one of the members of Snapes gang at Hogwarts
Kreachers old master
Malfoy friends dad
He who must not be named
Totured by Voldemort in his return
Tortured Nevilles parents
Killed in a schack up north in 6
Killed by aurors, took chunk out of Moodys nose
Teaches at Hogwarts
Imperius curse speacilist
Went to Bellatrixes vault with Hermione
Potions teacher
Exacutionor sent to kill Buckbeak
Tried to catch Harry in a cafe
Harrys enemy at school
Dracos mom
Dracos dad
Fought in the Department of Mysteries
Killed by fellow death eater when Dumbledore dies
Killed Lupin
Malfoy friends dad
Tortured Nevilles parents
Pretended to be Moody

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