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First Emperor and founder of modern Russia and Tsar (1682 - 1721)
Army General and arms designer, famous for the AK series
Jeweller, famous for his range of decorative eggs
Made a pact with Ribbentrop, remembered for his eponymous cocktail
Grand Prince of Moscow (1533-1547), known for his ruthless brutality
Early film-maker and Director of Battleship Potemkin
Former #1 womens tennis player, won Wimbledon in 2004
Painter (1866 - 1944) of Der Blaue Reiter
First president of Soviet Union, awarded nobel peace prize for helping break up the USSR
Author of The Master and Margarita
Revolutionary and father of collectivist anarchism
Marxist theorist and Bolshevik exiled to Mexico
Won the Academy Award for best actor in the 1956 film The King and I
Composer of Swan Lake
Chess Grandmaster, possibly the greatest player ever
1990's footballer, midfielder for Russia and Manchester United
The first ever human to travel into space
Founder of Bolshevik party, leader of the October Revolution
Invented the Periodic Table, and vodka researcher.
Final Emperor of Russia, ousted during February Revolution

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