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firestar's mate
ran from clan to become a loner
leader of thunderclan after bluestar
leader after firestar
died saving clan from dogs
tried to kill bluestar
tigerstar's mate in thunderclan
killed by leader of tigerclan
leader after tallstar
named after his long tail
leader after crookedstar
jet black paws
loves ferncloud
died protecting the nursery in the last hope
spied for thunderclan in the dark forest
can hear long distances
mother of dovewing and ivypool
loved squirrelflight
came back after being underground
ran away with a windclan cat
unbeatable in a fight
brambleclaw's mate
cinderpelt's brother
kin to firstar
lost her eye to a dog
sorreltail's mate
windclan deputy
thunderclan medicine cat after spottedleaf
died on the thunderpath
loves a thunderclan medicine cat
shadowclan queen
son of raggedstar
killed by his son
bluestar's living duaghter
doesn't belive in starclan
riverclan medicine cat
deputy of mystystar
killed by brokenstar then by ivypool
windclan deputy with a twisted foot
paralized from waste down
loves dovewing
firestar's bestfriend
brambleclaw's sister
tawnypelt's mate
drowned in the lake

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