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Can you name the title of the episode described of the given TV series?

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Episode DescriptionEpisode TitleSeries
The one with the pictures of Tobias' junk...Arrested Development
The one where Dwight's beet farm is a B&B...The Office
The one that aired after the Super Bowl...The Office
The one with the error on a Trivial Pursuit card...Seinfeld
The one where we meet Bob Loblaw...Arrested Development
The one with 'the Assman'...Seinfeld
The one with the gay penguin wedding...Parks and Recreation
The one with the 'rule of threes'...30 Rock
The one where Michael meets Rita...Arrested Development
The one where pretzels are making everyone thirsty...Seinfeld
The one with the latex salesman...Seinfeld
The one where GOB tries to escape prison...Arrested Development
The one where Liz is a bully...30 Rock
The one where we meet Tony Wonder...Arrested Development
The one with Will Forte and 'Twilight'...Parks and Recreation
The one where Andy's cast is taken off...Parks and Recreation
The one where George becomes his dad's butler...Seinfeld
The one with the revealing Christmas cards...Seinfeld
The one with the one-armed man...Arrested Development
The one with a nude representation of Leslie...Parks and Recreation
The one where George orders hair-growing cream from China...Seinfeld
The one with Jo(h)n Voight's car...Seinfeld
The one with Hector Moreda...30 Rock
The one with the peacock...30 Rock
The one where Tom discovers Ron's secret identity...Parks and Recreation
Episode DescriptionEpisode TitleSeries
The one where Jim and Pam get married...The Office
The one where Jerry dates Miss Rhode Island...Seinfeld
The one where they find a screenplay under Michael's desk...The Office
The one where Dennis is worshipped by the city...30 Rock
The one where Ed Truck dies...The Office
The one with Jack's 'dead' father...30 Rock
The one where Andy sues Pawnee...Parks and Recreation
The one with the 're-gifter'...Seinfeld
The one where Buster 'is gonna be all-right'...Arrested Development
The one with Tracy's bad financial advice...30 Rock
The one where Jenna gets misquoted about the troops...30 Rock
The one with the private investigators and Mexico...Arrested Development
The one with the ethics teacher...Arrested Development
The one where Avery is kidnapped...30 Rock
The one where Leslie's mom likes Ben...Parks and Recreation
The one where the Parks department is 'cursed'...Parks and Recreation
The one where Tracy gets fined on purpose...30 Rock
The one where Kitty returns with a cooler full of evidence...Arrested Development
The one where Jim proposes to Pam...The Office
The one where they debate if Hilary Swank is hot or not...The Office
The one where the office is sold...The Office
The one with the gazebo...Parks and Recreation
The one where Oscar turns out to be gay...The Office
The one with all Michael's old girlfriends...The Office
The one with the surprise wedding...Parks and Recreation

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