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QUIZ: Can you name the citizens of Pawnee, IN as featured in 'Parks and Recreation'?

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HintPawneeanPortrayed By...
Parks & Rec Deputy Director and City Council Candidate
Parks & Rec Director
Parks & Rec Administrator and aspiring Entrepreneur/Pickup Artist/Baller
Nurse and Public Health PR Director
Director's assistant
Deputy Director's assistant
ex-Asst. City Manager
Acting City Manager
over-ridiculed Parks & Rec employee
Parks & Rec employee/diva
former City Planner
Police Sgt. and Army Reserve member
Director's Asst.'s gay ex-boyfriend...
...and his boyfriend...
*literally* the meanest doctor ever
aspiring Entrepreneur/Pickup Artist/Baller
selfish lawyer
bartender and Administrator's ex-girlfriend
Director's Asst.'s archetypical Midwesterner father
Director's Asst.'s archetypical Midwesterner mother
Director's Asst.'s even more boring sister
School Official and Deputy Director's mother
Director's Asst.'s creepy and intense friend
Director's first ex-wife (the 'blonde chicken')
Director's 2nd ex-wife
Administrator's fake ex-wife
Mark Sanford-esque sex-addicted Councilman
HintPawneeanPortrayed By...
loud park ranger who really wants to see 'Avatar'
Councilman who runs into Leslie in awkward situations
Pawnee Police Chief ('real piece of work')
ex-Sewage Dept. employee
Wamapoke leader and casino owner
over-ridiculed shoeshine customer
The Mayor
City Manager who is recovering from octuple bypass
nervous City Attorney
insulting early-morning radio personality
even more insulting early-morning radio personality
'Gotcha!' journalist and host of 'Pawnee Today'
journalist and host of various news programs
newspaper reporter for the Pawnee Journal
porn star
MRI technologist
shallow trophy wife and beauty pageant winner
Twilight-obsessed man
Nurse's Parks & Rec-hating neighbor
racist, homophobic conservative activist for the Society for the Family Stability Foundation
elderly founder of Sweetums
owner of Sweetums and the Pawnee Journal
Sweetums owner's daughter
Sweetums owner's son
beauty pageant winner
Eagleton Parks & Rec Director, formerly from Pawnee
Everyone's favorite mini-horse (he's not a pony)

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