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Trivia QuestionAnswerEpisode
Name one of the objects Jim puts in jello.Pilot
Who guest stars as Mr. Brown?Diversity Day
What is the conference room also known as in this episode?Health Care
Whose actual birthday is it?The Alliance
What music is similar to basketball, according to Michael?Basketball
What does Katy sell?Hot Girl
What Dundie does Kelly win?The Dundies
When Michael compares the office to Friends, who does he compare to Dwight?Sexual Harassment
What is supposedly Icelandic for 'box of paper snowshoe racing'?Office Olympics
What is the name of song Dwight 'writes'?The Fire
Who gets fired?Halloween
What musical does Jim reference multiple times?The Fight
Who guest stars as Christian?The Client
Who shot himself about a year previously?Performance Review
Who is 'not a terrorist'?Email Surveillance
Dwight says that 'Yankee Swap is like ___________ meets Christmas.'Christmas Party
Who guest stars as Captain Jack?Booze Cruise
What does Ryan ground up and put in Michael's pudding?The Injury
Where do Michael and Jim go for lunch?The Secret
Who ruined Michael's carpet?The Carpet
What's more important than quality, according to Michael?Boys and Girls
Who walks past Michael while he's talking to a woman that looks like Tina Fey?Valentine's Day
Dwight lost a spelling bee by misspelling what word?Dwight's Speech
Michael befriends whose daughter?Take Your Daughter To Work Day
Who might have skin cancer?Michael's Birthday
What is more dangerous than most people using drugs?Drug Testing
Where is Toby's 'special file in New York'?Conflict Resolution
Who won an event at the World Series of Poker?Casino Night
What is Ryan's new job title?Gay Witch Hunt
Who does Creed think is new to the office?The Convention
What game does the Stamford branch play as a team-building exercise?The Coup
How did Ed Truck die?Grief Counseling
What is Michael's greatest fear?Initiation
*MAJOR SPOILER ALERT* Who is proposed to in this episode?Diwali
Who does Dwight get periodical faxes from?Branch Closing
Who gets fired for quitting?The Merger
Who is the convict?The Convict
Pam pranks Dwight into thinking he has been recruited by this organization.A Benihana Christmas
*MAJOR SPOILER ALERT* Who went to Jamaica with Michael?Back from Vacation
What is the name of Michael's computer?Traveling Salesmen
Where does Dwight work after being fired?The Return
What is the Ben Franklin impersonator's name?Ben Franklin
What is the name of Kevin's band?Phyllis' Wedding
Dwight traps the bat on whose head?Business School
Who becomes obsessed with the safety of David Wallace's house?Cocktails
What is the new phrase Michael learned from Darryl?The Negotiation
What does Andy want to be known as from now on?Safety Training
What kind of bear is best?Product Recall
Who doesn't get what the big deal is with 'hanging brain'?Women's Appreciation
What 3 Scranton employees are interviewing for a corporate job?Beach Games
Trivia QuestionAnswerEpisode
*MAJOR SPOILER ALERT* Who gets the job?The Job
Who dies in this episode?Fun Run
Who pretends he is 29 to avoid being fired for being old?Dunder Mifflin Infinity
Who is a better salesman than the new website?Launch Party
*MAJOR SPOILER ALERT* Where do Jim and Pam spend their first night away together?Money
What product is being advertised in this jingle?: 'Give me break, give me a break, break me off a piece of that _______.'Local Ad
Who is the Regional Manager of Dunder Mifflin Utica?Branch Wars
What would be Dwight's serial killer nickname?Survivor Man
What does the lawyer say that prompts Michael to make a 'that's what she said' joke?The Deposition
What is the name of Jan's candle company?Dinner Party
What song is parodied by Michael and Dwight in this episode?Chair Model
What is the security guard's name?Night Out
Who has created an organizational chart of all the office employees?Did I Stutter?
What is the name of the only student interested in Dunder Mifflin?Job Fair
Where is Toby going?Goodbye, Toby
*MAJOR SPOILER ALERT* Who proposes in this episode?Weight Loss
Who is nearly fired for ethics violations?Business Ethics
According to Jim, Jan's baby will be related to Michael through this.Baby Shower
What does C.R.I.M.E.-A.I.D. stand for?Crime Aid
*MAJOR SPOILER ALERT* Where is Holly transferred to?Employee Transfer
What does Jim say his name is when pretending to be a potential client?Customer Survey
Where do Michael, Andy, and Oscar go on a business trip?Business Trip
What did the Vance Refrigeration guys tell Michael was drugs?Frame Toby
What is the surplus used for?The Surplus
Whose hair lights on fire in this episode?Moroccan Christmas
*MAJOR SPOILER ALERT* Who spills the beans about Angela's adultery?The Duel
In this episode, the office debates whether or not this actress is hot.Prince Family Paper
What part of the CPR training dummy does Dwight cut off?Stress Relief
Where do Michael and Pam decide to go next at the end of the episode?Lecture Circuit, Pt. 1
*MAJOR SPOILER ALERT* What is the name of Holly's new boyfriend?Lecture Circuit, Pt. 2
Who steals his own donated blood?Blood Drive
Which company gets all 5 golden tickets?Golden Ticket
Which character first appears in this episode?New Boss
Who is the new 'productivity czar'?Two Weeks
Which two characters return in this episode?Dream Team
Charles asks Jim for this, but he doesn't know what it is.Michael Scott Paper Company
Who is torn between Michael and Charles?Heavy Competition
Where did Ryan actually go instead of Thailand?Broke
Which 2 characters avoid conflicts among their coworkers by playing chess?Casual Friday
Who gets badly injured in the cafe disco?Cafe Disco
Who is the best volleyball player in the Scranton office?Company Picnic
*MAJOR SPOILER ALERT* Name one of the three true rumors.Gossip
Who is promoted at the end of the episode?The Meeting
Kevin wants to know the answer to this question.The Promotion
What happens in _______ stays in _______.Niagara
What does Andy dress up as when he, Dwight, Michael, and the 'mobster' go to a restaurant?Mafia
What is the name of Michael's blind character?The Lover
What does Jim dress up as for the haunted house?Koi Pond
Who gives Pam tips for punching Michael?Double Date
What is the name of the murder mystery game?Murder
Trivia QuestionAnswerEpisode
What does DMI stand for, according to Oscar?Shareholder Meeting
What does Michael get for Scott's Tots?Scott's Tots
What was Michael's Secret Santa gift for Dwight?Secret Santa
What is the name of the machine created by Dwight to impress the banker?The Banker
What is David Wallace's new idea?Sabre
Who is the CEO of Sabre?The Manager and the Salesman
What 2 characters are seen/mentioned for the first time in this episode?The Delivery
Which recurring character not seen since 'Ben Franklin' returns in this episode?St. Patrick's Day
Where do Michael and Dwight reconcile their differences?New Leads
Who killed the yakuza boss on purpose?Happy Hour
Who creates a video of Kevin as the cookie monster?Secretary's Day
What character from 'Happy Hour' returns in this episode, who Michael falls for?Body Language
*MAJOR SPOILER ALERT* Michael says that Donna's husband is the 'lowest of the low... just above ____.'The Cover-Up
These two office employees draft a sex contract in this episode.The Chump
What does Michael suggest Jo do to thank him for making the public apology?Whistleblower
Who is the new office assistant?Nepotism
What is Pam's new job title?Counseling
Who dictates a review over the phone at intermission of the play?Andy's Play
Where does Jan work?Sex Ed
This new character is the best paper salesman in the Scranton area.The Sting
Name one of Angela's costumes.Costume Contest
Which 2 office workers go on the mission trip?Christening
Who is arrested at the beginning of this episode?Viewing Party
This episode marks the first appearance of this character.WUPHF.COM
What is Oscar's nickname?China
*MAJOR SPOILER ALERT* Who does Michael thank for Holly's return?Classy Christmas
What group of 'volunteer crime patrollers' is Dwight part of?Ultimatum
Which original UK Office character makes a brief appearance in this episode?The Seminar
Who gets his comeuppance in the form of insulting entries to a caption contest?The Search
Who did Stanley's sudoku by accident?PDA
Who plays the evil Goldenface in Michael's movie?Threat Level Midnight
What did Packer carve under his old desk (now Dwight's desk)?Todd Packer
*MAJOR SPOILER ALERT* What was Holly's response (word-for-word) to Michael's proposal?Garage Sale
What is the name of Michael's replacement?Training Day
A song from this musical is parodied at the end of this episode.Michael's Last Dundies
What are Michael's last 4 audible words before walking away from the camera crew at the airport?Goodbye, Michael
This new character first appears in this episode.The Inner Circle
Who becomes acting manager after Dwight?Dwight K. Schrute, (Acting) Manager
Which managerial candidate is a good friend of Jo's?Search Committee
*MAJOR SPOILER ALERT* Who is the new manager?The List
How many Incentive Points got the office workers a tattoo on Andy's rear end?The Incentive
Who doesn't technically have a hearing problem?Lotto
'Who' wrote a book on throwing garden parties?Garden Party
Who does Erin go as for Halloween in this episode?Spooked
How many strikes equals a home run?Doomsday
What does the 'lie detector test' reveal?Pam's Replacement
What isn't but might be but really isn't the northernmost battle of the Civil War?Gettysburg
Who does Dwight think Darryl is trying to impress?Mrs. California
What is the porcupine's name?Christmas Wishes

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