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Can you name the answer to a trivia question for each episode of Parks and Recreation?

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Who does Ron have a picture of in his office in this episode only?Pilot
Leslie has to filibuster the meeting until what time?Canvassing
What game does Ron constantly beat Tom at?The Reporter
Ron says 'Leslie has never broken a rule in her life, to the point where it's ________.'Boys' Club
Who is 'the queen of the zoning board'?The Banquet
Who falls in the pit at the end of the episode?Rock Show
What society does Marcia Langman represent?Pawnee Zoo
What character appears for the first time in this episode?The Stakeout
Who is crowned Miss Pawnee?Beauty Pageant
Who admits to a sex scandal mirroring the real-life scandal of Mark Sanford?Practice Date
What is the name of Pawnee's sister city?Sister City
Who sues the city of Pawnee?Kaboom
Who hosts a Halloween party?Greg Pikitis
Which department is evil?Ron and Tammy
What does Jerry said instead of 'mural'?The Camel
What is secretly a hunting trip?Hunting Trip
Where does Ron make Leslie go that she is afraid of?Tom's Divorce
Who is Dexhart's newest alleged mistress?Christmas Scandal
Who is hired as Ron's assistant?The Set Up
What rock band does Tom claim Pawneeans are 'just getting into'?Leslie's House
What are the names of Nick Newport, Jr.'s children?Sweetums
Who guest stars as Frank Beckerson?Galentine's Day
Who contributes $5,000 towards Tom's part-ownership in the Snakehole Lounge?Woman of the Year
What does Ron leave in Mark's office to thank him?The Possum
What does Jerry claimed happened to him when he actually fell in a creek?Park Safety
Which ex-Department Director is implied to have planted the marijuana in the garden in 'The Stakeout'?Summer Catalog
Who is tearing down a historic gazebo?94 Meetings
Whose presentation causes the Telethon to lose money?Telethon
Trivia QuestionAnswerEpisode
Which 2 main cast members first appear in this episode?The Master Plan
Where is the concert held?Freddy Spaghetti
What are the top 3 things on the Ron Swanson Pyramid of Greatness?Go Big or Go Home
What does Chris compare his body to?Flu Season
What band do Andy and Eduardo both like?Time Capsule
Which Parks and Rec employee is happy about Ron and Tammy's reunion?Ron and Tammy: Part Two
What are the listeners of Crazy Ira and the Douche collectively referred to as?Media Blitz
What is Ron's favorite steak house?Indianapolis
Where did the Parks and Rec employees find Li'l Sebastian?Harvest Festival
Who replaces Paul as city manager?Camping
Who does Andy say is his 'best best man'?Andy and April's Fancy Party
What is the name of the dating website Leslie uses?Soulmates
What does everyone start calling Tom due to his portrayal in Jerry's painting?Jerry's Painting
Who is Leslie's Eagleton counterpart and ex-best friend?Eagleton
Who was the previous Health Dept. PR Director?The Fight
Which song from 'Rock Show' returned in this episode?Road Trip
Which character from Seasons 1 and 2 returns in this episode?The Bubble
Who becomes Andy's new band manager?Li'l Sebastian
What does Tammy One do for a living?I'm Leslie Knope
After Ron left Tammy One for Tammy Two, what did Tammy One throw at Tammy Two?Ron and Tammys
Where was Leslie born?Born and Raised
What does Andy call himself as assistant leader of the Pawnee Rangers?Pawnee Rangers
If you're in Pawnee, when in doubt, ____ ______.Meet 'n' Greet
What does the Zorp-devoted cult call themselves?End of the World
What country secretly owns the moon during the Model UN Meeting?The Treaty
What class does Andy choose?Smallest Park
What was briefly the only sexual position allowed in Pawnee, until it too was banned?The Trial of Leslie Knope
What is the one building medium Ron is bad at building with?Citizen Knope

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