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Can you name the facts about the Bluth family from 'Arrested Development'?

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Forced Order
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Portrayed by
his nickname
company he founded
made deals with this dictator
invented this
his assistant
his one-armed employee
his competitor
his professional surrogate
Portrayed by
her nickname
her neighbor
her housekeeper
her private detective
Uncle/Father's Twin Brother
Elder Son
Portrayed by
his son
mother of his son
his Colombian soap opera star girlfriend
actress who portrays his wife
his closest friends
inspired the character of Mr. _____________
song he plays when performing magic
his puppet
his most-used form of transport
Younger Son
Portrayed by
name on his birth certificate
his deceased wife
his girlfriend (briefly)/competitor's daughter
his fiancée (briefly)
her uncle
Adopted Daughter
Portrayed by
opposes this Jewish tradition
protested the removal of this from a courthouse
agrees to this relationship with her husband
her famous actor boyfriend
Adopted Daughter's Husband
Portrayed by
chief resident of psychiatry at this hospital
analyst + therapist = __________
understudy with this group
housekeeper/nanny alter ego
syndrome he suffers from
his book, a cult gay hit
his acting teacher
Uncle and Mother's Son
Portrayed by
has an unhealthy attachment to this person
greeting for his half-brothers
lost his left hand to a _____ ____
attracts this woman with a fake coma
Portrayed by
job at the frozen banana stand
his girlfriend
Adopted Daughter's Daughter
Portrayed by
her wheelchair-bound alter ego
her alter ego's fake disease
cons her way into a job as a _____ _________
Adopted Son
Portrayed by
Sent to this school
what his real first name means
what his adoptive name means
The Narrator
1st Family Attorney
2nd Family Attorney
Company's Secretary/Business Model
Company's 1st Prosecutor
Company's 2nd Prosecutor
Family Caterer/Elder Son's Bounty Hunter

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