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CharacterActor/ActressFirst Appearance
Gretchen ThomasBlind Date
Gay Kid/AssistantJack-Tor
JorgensenJack Meets Dennis
Dennis DuffyJack Meets Dennis
HimselfTracy Does Conan
Dr. Leo SpacemanTracy Does Conan
NBC pageTracy Does Conan
HimselfThe Break-Up
HerselfThe Rural Juror
MoonvestThe Head and the Hair
'The Head'The Head and the Hair
HimselfThe Head and the Hair
Tomas/Paul L'AstnameBlack Tie
Prince GerhardtBlack Tie
BiancaBlack Tie
Angie JordanUp All Night
Floyd DeBarberUp All Night
Don GeissThe C Word
HimselfHard Ball
HimselfHard Ball
StevenThe Source Awards
HimselfThe Source Awards
RidikolousThe Source Awards
Jack's sisterThe Fighting Irish
Eddie DonaghyThe Fighting Irish
Jack's sisterThe Fighting Irish
Devon BanksFireworks
PhoebeCorporate Crush
Jesse ParcellHiatus
Colleen DonaghyHiatus
Lenny WosniakThe Collection
HimselfThe Collection
Rosemary HowardRosemary's Baby
DonnieRosemary's Baby
Raheem HaddadSomebody to Love
Celeste CunninghamSomebody to Love
Candace Van der SharkSomebody to Love
HimselfSecrets and Lies
Dick LemonLudachristmas
Liz's brotherLudachristmas
Co-Op Board MemberEpisode 210
HerselfEpisode 210
Host of MILF IslandMILF Island
CharacterActor/ActressFirst Appearance
HimselfSubway Hero
ItselfSubway Hero
Bucky BrightSubway Hero
Teamster bossSandwich Day
HerselfBelieve in the Stars
HimselfThe One with the Cast of Night Court
Claire HarperThe One with the Cast of Night Court
HerselfThe One with the Cast of Night Court
HimselfThe One with the Cast of Night Court
Gavin VolureGavin Volure
Erin O'NealReunion
HimselfSeñor Macho Solo
StuartSeñor Macho Solo
ElisaSeñor Macho Solo
HerselfSeñor Macho Solo
Michael TempletonFlu Shot
Dr. Drew BairdGeneralissimo
HimselfLarry King
HimselfGoodbye, My Friend
Rochelle GaulkeThe Funcooker
HimselfThe Bubble
HimselfApollo, Apollo
Brad HalsterCutbacks
HimselfThe Ones
Milton GreeneMamma Mia
SportscasterMamma Mia
HimselfKidney Now!
HerselfKidney Now!
ThemselvesKidney Now!
HerselfKidney Now!
HimselfKidney Now!
HerselfKidney Now!
HimselfKidney Now!
HimselfKidney Now!
HerselfKidney Now!
HimselfKidney Now!
HerselfKidney Now!
HimselfKidney Now!
HimselfKidney Now!
HimselfKidney Now!
HimselfKidney Now!
HimselfKidney Now!
HerselfKidney Now!
Rick WayneStone Mountain
HimselfStone Mountain
HerselfStone Mountain
Voice of HimselfAudition Day
Voice of HimselfAudition Day
CharacterActor/ActressFirst Appearance
Voice of HimselfAudition Day
Danny BakerThe Problem Solvers
Scottie ShofarThe Problem Solvers
BrianSun Tea
Hope BradyDealbreakers Talk Show #0001
Nancy DonovanSecret Santa
HimselfSecret Santa
HimselfKlaus and Greta
HimselfBlack Light Attack!
Actor playing John HancockWinter Madness
Verna MaroneyVerna
Avery JessupAnna Howard Shaw Day
HimselfAnna Howard Shaw Day
Maynard Roger HoynesAnna Howard Shaw Day
Dr. KaplanFuture Husband
Wesley SnipesFuture Husband
HimselfFuture Husband
Shane HunterLee Marvin vs. Derek Jeter
HimselfThe Moms
Carol BurnettI Do Do
HimselfWhen It Rains, It Pours
RitchieWhen It Rains, It Pours
HerselfWhen It Rains, It Pours
Regina BookmanLet's Stay Together
Rep. Rob Reiner/Stanley the DogLet's Stay Together
KevinLive Show
Liz LemonLive Show
HerselfGentleman's Intermission
HimselfBrooklyn Without Limits
Aunt LindaChain Reaction of Mental Anguish
HimselfOperation Righteous Cowboy Lightning
Hank Hooper¡Qué Sorpresa!
Carmen Chao¡Qué Sorpresa!
Sgt. John Munch¡Qué Sorpresa!
Det. Oldafin Tutuola¡Qué Sorpresa!
LorneDouble-Edged Sword
AndersIt's Never Too Late For Now
Kaylee HooperTGS Hates Women
Lynn OnkmanQueen of Jordan
HimselfPlan B
ReggieI Heart Connecticut
HimselfI Heart Connecticut
Tom the Janitor100
HerselfEverything Sunny All the Time Always

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