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Can you name the Notable Figures of the Trojan War?

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Second Greatest of the greek warriors; committed suicide after losing the armor of AchillesGreece
Commander of the greek troops, killed after returning home by his wifeGreece
Thought up the trojan Horse, wandered for 10 years after returning homeGreece
Greatest of all Greeks, killed by an arrow to his heelGreece
Partnered with Odysseus to engineer the Trojan Horse, wounded two godsGreece
Second only to Achilles in swiftness, partnered with Ajax of SalamisGreece
Archer, would have killed Hector before AchillesGreece
Archer who used Heracles poisoned arrows to kill ParisGreece
Abducted Helen to start the war, killed Achilles (with divine assistance)Troy
Greatest of all Trojan warriors, fought to a draw with Ajax of Salamis, killed by AchillesTroy
Wise old Greek who provided wise counsil to the Greek troopsGreece
King of Sparta, Helen's husbandGreece
King of Ethiopia who reenforced the Trojans, killed by AchillesTroy
Queen of the Amazons who reenforced Troy, killed by AchillesTroy
Son of Aphrodite who wnet on to found the Roman raceTroy
Son of AchillesGreece
Tricked the Trojans to bring the horse into TroyGreece
Wife of Menelaus, the reason the war was fought????
Squire (and lover) of Achilles, killed by Hector while wearing Achilles's armorGreece
God of War, Fought on both sidesBoth
God of Archery, guided the arrow that killed AchillesTroy
God of the sea, gave the Greeks favorable winds to reeach TroyGreece
Goddess of Marriage, distracted Zeus to allow Poseidon to guide the Greeks to TroyGreece
Mother of Aeneas, saved him and Paris from death onceTroy

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